"Vera Royal" Hartford -I started going to Gemma while she was training, I went for aromatherapy massages, and Gemma tailored the oil to my needs and made me an oil to burn... I feel very little pain and can sleep much better"

"Carl Woodward" Liverpool - I started seeing Gemma in 2007 for deep tissue massage as I was getting a lot of pain from my back.. although I haven’t seen Gemma for a few months I feel a lot better.. Cheers"

"David Cleeves" Widnes - I came to Gemma for Reflexology (persuaded by my wife) but I found out a lot from my first treatment and Gemma's questions made me realise I had other health issues, I then went for a treatment every week for 6 weeks, I felt and looked better, I have never regretted the treatment and every now and again I call for another.

"Claire Brown" St Helens – I used to get terrible migraines, when a friend suggested Indian Head Massage, I was sceptical at first, after my session I felt a lot of pain and I almost never went back, but I did and after 8 sessions with Gemma, I don't get the migraines any longer, so although it hurt at first is helped me much more than I thought it would.