Aromatherapy- The principles of using plant essential oils, as aromatherapy does, are ancient. The Egyptians were using aromatics widely 3000 years before Christ, for not only medicinal purposes, but also for cosmetics and to embalm their dead. There are also records in the Bible of aromatherapy with people using plants and their oils for treatment of illnesses and religious purposes.

Benefits -Dramatic improvement in general health and well being, Increase in vitality, Improvement in the colour and texture of the skin, Positive effect on mood and thought, Relieves stress, Stimulates or soothes the nervous system, Acts as an antiseptic/ antiviral tonic, Eliminates toxic waste from the skin and muscle system, Stimulates blood and lymph supply, Relieves muscular tension and warms the muscles

Reflexology- Reflexology is an ancient technique of applying pressure to reflex points of the feet and hands. The systematic application of pressure to the reflexology points stimulates the body’s ability to rejuvenate and heal itself. Hand and Foot Reflexology treatments open the subtle electrical channels that become blocked due to emotional and physical imbalances. Foot pain, foot tenderness or foot numbness indicates what system of the body may have become imbalanced. Reflexology addresses these imbalances and brings the root of the imbalance into awareness.

Benefits –Reflexology can improve the functionality of the kidney's, intestines, skin, circulation, and lungs. It will increase the control of the bladder and bowels. Reflexology helps in pain relief by the release of endorphins by stimulating the nerve endings in the feet. It can help reduce stress and fatigue, it provides cold and flu relief. It can help induce labor in over-due pregnancies, to name a few.

Indian Head Massage - Originating in the East more than one thousand years ago, Indian Head Massage was originally developed as a grooming technique by women who used it to strengthen and improve the fullness of the hair. This was achieved by stimulating the pressure points on the scalp.

Benefits -Indian Head Massage is believed to be effective in the treatment or relief of headaches and migraines, stress, eye strain, insomnia and aches/stiffness around the neck, shoulder and facial areas. It is also known to promote alertness and vitality in its subjects. Massaging the back, shoulders, head and neck relaxes and soothes sore and tense muscles, reducing fatigue and greatly improving circulation. This type of massage is deeply relaxing and helps balance the bodies energy flow

Lymphatic Drainage- Lymphatic massage, also known in variations as Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) or Lymph Drainage Therapy (LDT), is a gentle, relaxing form of massage that helps the body's lymphatic system get moving again while reinforcing immune function. It uses principles of circulation, anatomy and physiology to move lymph tissue through the body. Understanding the dynamics of this circulation and the benefits of lymph drainage massage.

Benefits -reduces edema, increases tissue metabolism, improves nutrition to the tissues, reduces pain, induces deep relaxation

Deep Tissue Massage - Deep tissue massage techniques derive from traditional massage therapy first used by ancient Egyptian, Greek and Far Eastern civilisations. Deep tissue massage uses similar techniques to Swedish Massagedeveloped in the 18th century.

Benefits- Deep tissue massage is used to treat many conditions including: Whiplash, Sports Injuries, Osteoarthritus, Carpal tunnel syndrome, and muscle tension to name a few ailments this treatment can help.

Swedish Massage -Swedish Massagecurrently represents the western "standard" for massage therapy. Also commonly known as "therapeutic massage", in Europe in the 19th century. A Swedish physiologist and gymnastics instructor, named Pehr Henrik Ling, developed and promoted his own system of massage thus being Swedish massage. He primarily classified the massage techniques used by Greeks and Romans in ancient times. Ling's system, which he called Medical Gymnastics, became more commonly known as Swedish massage.

Benefits- Swedish Massage can help with pain and tension ,Release of endorphins which are the body’s natural painkillers, Relaxation and therefore reduction in anxiety, as well as blood circulation, for more details please contact me.